Cera Chair

Founded in 2000, the Cera Chair on Social Entrepreneurship results from a partnership between the Centre for Social Economy (HEC-ULg) and the cooperative financial group Cera. Sybille Mertens is the holder of this Chair.


The Cera Chair aims to include and develop, in the university framework, the support to social entrepreneurship and the management of social enterprises. The Cera Chair achieves this mission by offering high-quality training in the management of social enterprises, by advancing research on social entrepreneurship and the management of social enterprises and by promoting actions that reinforce entrepreneurs' potential for social innovation.

Target audiences:

The Cera Chair targets students in economics, management, social sciences and humanities; social enterprises' managers; social entrepreneurs; and any person or institution interested in the subject of social entrepreneurship.


In order to achieve its mission and to reach the various audiences that it targets, the Cera Chair organises its activities around three main lines of work: