Financing of social enterprise


Sybille Mertens, Michel Marée


  • To understand the economic rationality of the various modes of financing of social enterprises
  • To acquire a thorough operational knowledge of the modes of financing (public funding, price-fixing, fund-raising)
  • To acquire the capacity to design and implement a financing mix in the framework of the elaboration of a social enterprise's business plan


  • Theoretical approach of the financing mix
  • Types of public regulation
  • Pricing
  • Fund-raising
  • Recent developments: venture philanthropy, public-private partnerships, cause-related marketing, socially responsible investment
  • Accounting
  • Social business plan and global performance assessment (cost/benefit analysis, social return on investment)

Schedule for 2013:

From February 7 to May 2: on Thursdays from 9:00 to 12:00  (N1, Rue Louvrex 14)