Social innovation and organisational diversity


Benjamin Huybrechts


  • To develop the capacity to identify social innovation opportunities
  • To provide students with theoretical grids that will allow them to understand and analyse the diversity of organisations bringing about social innovation


  • Theoretical introduction to social innovation (European and North-American literature)
  • Analysis in relation with the main current economic, social and environmental challenges
  • NIE theoretical framework (economic, sociological and managerial theories allowing to apprehend organisational diversity)
  • Analysis of the relations between various types of economic actors (private sector, public authorities, social enterprises and other civil society actors)
  • Empirical study of organisational diversity in various sectors of activity: health, social services, culture, North-South relations, financial services, energy, etc.

Schedule for 2013:

From February 8th to May 3rd: on Fridays from 9.30. to 12.30 (Rue Louvrex 14)


Conference Cycle " Social Innovation" (in English)