Human resources management in social enterprises


Charlotte Moreau, Sybille Mertens


Researches carried out in this field aim to understand the specific challenges of human resource management in the social economy sector, where the main factor is often human capital. This sector is indeed faced with specific human resource management issues, linked to the particularities of its organisations in terms of goals, values, structure, human resources, etc. The Cera chair cooperates on this theme with two research centres within HEC-ULg, namely EGiD and LENTIC.

The research that is currently being carried out includes five projects:
  • Construction of a European référentiel de compétence of managers in social economy. This project is part of the European framework-programme entitled "Lifelong learning programme Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of innovation". Partners: ESCEM (France), MAC-Team (Belgium), EURICSE (Italy), Budapesti Gazdasagi Foiskola (Hungary), The Open University (UK), CIRIEC (France), Ynternet Foundation (Switzerland).
  • Competences and training of managers in the social economy", in partnership with the Chaire de recherche du Canada en économie sociale (UQAM – Prof. Marie Bouchard), within the framework of the cooperation project Wallonia-Brussels/Quebec 2011-2013.
  • Human Resource Management and quality of employment and of service in the area of service vouchers. Case study. Partner: Proxemia.
  • Employment and human resource management in agricultural cooperatives in Europe – Euroempleo project (in collaboration with the EMES European Research Network).
  • Scientific follow-up of a research carried out by the CESEP on the management of volunteers.

Main publications: